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Sliders Are Dead

Sliders once ruled the web design landscape, but it’s well past time for them to be eliminated from websites, mainly because they create a disappointing user experience. There has been extensive testing by many agencies and organizations to prove this point, and they all point to one conclusion: sliders are dead.

May 30, 2021
WordPress Is The Darling Of SEO

How WordPress Became The Darling Of SEO (And Google)

Did you know that WordPress powers nearly 40% of all websites? This didn’t happen by accident. WordPress has steadily grown its market share to become the internet’s number one Content Management System (CMS.) Everyone likes it. The holy trinity of web developers, users, and search engines all seem to be fond of WordPress websites. How did all this happen? And why does WordPress reign supreme?

March 26, 2021
Jones Hamilton
Agency Projects

Jones Hamilton [launch]

Jones-Hamilton Co. is a 70-year-old chemical manufacturer that recently rebranded to support the company’s growth and diversification, and tapped Venn Marketing to bring the website vision to life.

November 2, 2020
Agency Projects

Republican Women Of Hall County [launch]

The Republican Women of Hall County came to Venn Marketing with a problem – an outdated website that was member-maintained but required a lot of programming knowledge to maintain by members that wanted to pass on that responsibility. A website refresh was in order, and that’s where Venn Marketing stepped in.

October 11, 2020
Agency Projects

Poultry411 App For UGA [launch]

When UGA’s Poultry Ventilation division approached Venn Marketing about creating a new app, we were “egg-cited” to help. In an increasingly mobile world, they knew that their target audience of poultry producers needed access to UGA’s research from their smartphones.

August 19, 2020