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The Republican Women of Hall County is a non-profit organization for empowering women in politics. In fact, their Mission Statement includes “Increase [the] effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active political participation”.

The organization was concerned about how to improve its website. It was maintained by volunteers inside the organization, but was beginning to show its age. Visitors and members struggled to find content, and application forms were unwieldy. Complicating matters further, the previous website was maintained by members who were ready to pass on the responsibility to others, and the level of website maintenance required specific programming knowledge.

That’s where Venn Marketing stepped in. President Betty Fischer said, “The team at Venn Marketing has been a blessing to me. Having them come in and help us at a really critical time – we are grateful for their help.”


Venn Marketing worked with RWHall to create a new website design, as well as improve the website in a by:

  • making the new website mobile-friendly
  • improving calls to action for membership
  • acting as a central resource for content
  • improving website security
  • creating a modern fit and feel for the organization

Our content and design team got to work and created new pages, including a blog where content can be saved and sent to members.

When it was all said and done, the organization had a modern, fast, secure website that their members love.