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Responsive WordPress Web Design

Welcome mobile visitors with a responsive WordPress web design

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Give your customers the best experience possible, when and where they want it. with responsive WordPress web design best practices

In 2016, mobile internet use grew to overtake desktop usage. Factor in tablet devices like the iPad and you can’t ignore the importance of this user group to your business. Developing a responsive website gives you the opportunity to tailor the experience to the needs of a person on a mobile device.

Our approach to responsive website development is similar to the way we approach traditional web design projects. After getting a thorough understanding of your goals for the project, Venn Marketing will develop the information architecture, a finger friendly design, and help you choose the appropriate technology to bring the site to life (including technology like WordPress web design).

Sometimes more than a mobile friendly websites is needed. Our planning may uncover that a mobile app offers a superior experience, so consideration for mobile app development may be in order. All of these options are carefully considered against your goals, budget, and support needs to help you decide what is the best way to cater to mobile users.

Planning is paramount for a responsive website development project. Understanding of what users are looking to get out of their experience from their mobile device is important since it could be different than what needs to be delivered by the main website. Are patrons coming to visit your location? Directions and contact information should be up-front. Are clients looking to check up on an order? Perhaps an account dashboard should be the focus. Does your business have limited runs or frequent clearance sales? Today’s hot deals would be great content to feature on your responsive website.

Utilizing your current site analytics, best practices, and our experience we look forward to working with you to develop an effective responsive WordPress web design project.