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Managed WordPress Hosting

Maintains your full WordPress website stack including the core, plugins, and themes

Managed WordPress Hosting - VMGuard

Managed WordPress hosting that goes a step above

VMGuard provides a superior WordPress hosting experience for website owners who are frustrated spending hours applying updates, fumbling with hosting control panels, and learning complicated hosting processes.

VMGuard hosting provides white-glove fully managed hosting with a single contact for all hosting needs. In addition to secure and fast hosting, all WordPress updates, plugins, and themes are included.

hours / month saved

On average, VMGuard managed WordPress hosting saves our customers over 4.5 hours per month with updates and configurations.

Avg. Updates Applied

WordPress requires theme updates, plugin updates, and core WordPress updates. All included with VMGuard WordPress hosting.


No confusing control panels, no frustrating help articles, no worries about security.

Hosting That’s A Cut Above

All updates included. VMGuard maintains your full WordPress stack including core, plugins, and themes.

Managed WordPress Hosting - VMGuard versus Competition

Core WordPress

Updates for both major and minor core WordPress updates are included, using automated roll-back points for a seamless experience.

Plugin Updates

Just as important as WordPress updates, VMGuard hosting ensures up-to-date plugins providing the best results for website security and performance.

Server Updates

Underlying server security is automatically taken care of, with brute-force login attempts blocked and industrial grade encryption securing your site.

Monthly Reports

Receive a monthly report of all WordPress core and plugin updates, plus backup status, performance scans, and security scans.

Fast And Secure WordPress Hosting

Hosting Performance

A hosting infrastructure designed for WordPress, including SSD Hard drives and blazing fast caching

Daily Security Scanning

Spam and malware scanning ensure that if a site is hacked or spammed, you’ll be the first to know

Nightly Backups

Backups occur every night, including uploads and database, and are retained for 90 days

Managed WordPress Hosting - fast on mobile devices

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime checks are sent every 5 minutes, with the dedicated support team at the ready

Dedicated Support

Experienced hosting support handles all hosting issues – no self service or control panels

Speed Benchmarks

Website speed is tested daily to get insights into how your site performs over time

Supercharge Your Hosting

Free LetsEncrypt SSL

Avoid insecure browser messages with forms and become more professional. LetsEncrypt SSLs are included and maintained for every VMGuard web hosting website.

CDN Add-On

Need more speed for video or large graphics? Upgrade your site with a Content Distribution Network to ensure faster load times, better SEO rankings, and an enhanced user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does managed WordPress hosting mean?

Managed WordPress hosting means that all core WordPress updates, all WordPress plugins, and licensed/purchased theme updates are tested and applied automatically and without intervention – which frees up our clients to work on their site content. It’s the perfect compliment to our web design service, ensuring one vendor services the website from top to bottom.

Does VMGuard hosting come with a control panel?

No, but you will still have WordPress admin access, and if needed FTP and SSH access. If any issues arise with your hosting, simply contact us for assistance.

Why is this better than other hosting?

Most value website hosting providers have a very “self-service” approach, which is why control panels and web interfaces are offered by hosting companies. This approach definitely saves money, but can be confusing and frustrating if you don’t understand WordPress hosting.

Our value is in our customers – they contact us for their hosting needs, and we work on their behalf to resolve the problem. No confusing web interfaces or control panels.

Do you support WordPress multisite?

Yes. If your multisite has large traffic needs, additional charges and configurations may apply.

How much is the CDN?

The CDN price includes a base fee and usage fees. The CDN add-on has a base price of $10/month, which includes 250GB. Additional CDN usage is $3 per block of 25GB. Usage does not accrue from month to month.

Do you host email?

No, we do not host email. Many clients have had success with Google Suite, which includes Gmail and Google drive.

Can I bring my own premium SSL?

Yes, we can assist with deploying a premium SSL. Contact us for more information and to discuss this topic.

Will you host this site I developed?

Most likely no. VMGuard is a service offered to clients of Venn Marketing, and we pride ourselves on creating secure, fast, and robust websites. Hosting third party websites means our team has not reviewed code security or conducted performance auditing.

If you need assistance selecting a new web hosting company and migrating a website, Venn Marketing would be happy to help with a migration project. Contact us for more information and to discuss a project.