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What Does Your Site’s Web Design Say About Your Business?

Your website is the first place prospects will visit when they want to learn more about your business.

Web DesignStudies show that 75% of users make a credibility judgment of an organization based on its website. As a result, organizations have a critical need for websites that look great and have important information for their audience.

What’s more, visitors will use variety of devices – desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices – to interact with your website. Therefore, having a website that looks good on different devices is a must for any web design project – in fact, Google recommends all websites be responsive. This is a special web development feature is called a responsive web design, and Venn Marketing specializes in responsive web design – in fact, every web design project we create is responsive.

Web Design Is About Your Audience

Web design is about two things: discovering what website visitors need, and making a website look polished and attractive.

Your website should be more than just contact information – it should strive to solve problems for your business. Before beginning any web design project, Venn Marketing asks these questions and more to ensure the best possible outcome for web design:

  • What does the audience want from the website?
  • What will set our website apart from the competition?
  • How can the website assist staff with sales and support?
  • What existing materials (logos, colors, content) must be included on the website?

Complete, End-To-End Web Design And Development

Venn Marketing offers complete solutions covering everything for a web design project.

The project process is designed to delight clients from beginning to end and alleviate the pains of working with a third-party. With a proven milestone-based web design process, clients have transparency into the project status and each milestone allows for feedback every step of the way.

Venn Marketing - Our Process

Web Design With No Surprise Fees Or Costs

There are no hidden licensing fees or additional surprise costs when you engage Venn Marketing for web design – the website created is yours. We strive to create websites with open-source tools to reduce development costs and accelerate project completions.

Our web design projects include:

  • Content Management Systems: websites feature an easy to use content management system (CMS) which allows you to control the content, photos, videos, and more on your website
  • Responsive Web Design: every website is built to be responsive, meaning that the website will look great on any size screen and modern browser
  • Analytics and Reports: with Google Analytics, it’s easy to see traffic to your website, high bounce pages, where users are coming from and more

Which Web Design Project Do You Need?

I Need A New Website

While considering a new website, there can be a lot of questions:

  • What sections does a website need?
  • Is custom web design affordable?
  • How will new customers find my website?

Venn Marketing has reduced our client’s stress and skillfully guided clients through hundreds of successful web design projects.

I Need A Website Redesign

Sometimes a redesign is in order, especially if the following occurs:

  • Website no longer meets business goals
  • New branding and marketing
  • Responsive website for mobile users

A redesign doesn’t mean scrapping everything. In many cases content can be reused or updated, while new pages and designs are created to better reflect goals.

I Need Website Updates

Often a website and it’s design is fine, but there may be some special issues:

  • Current designer doesn’t communicate
  • Unsure of how to make changes
  • Updates difficult with current CMS

Whether it’s a one-time project, or as a budget-friendly transformation on a monthly retainer, website updates can likely be made to your website.

Ready To Start Your Web Design Project?

Venn Marketing is here to help with your new website, website redesign, or updates to an existing site.

Common Solutions With Web Design

Every web design project is different, because every organization and audience is different. Many websites are a blend of custom content and common solutions. Examples of some common solutions utilized by many websites include:

  • Photos and Videos
  • Downloads (PDFs, forms, etc)
  • Contact Information
  • Contact Forms
  • Company History
  • Team/Staff Bios
  • Blog
  • News
  • E-Commerce Cart
  • FAQ
  • Sales Information
  • Google Analytics
  • Client Lists
  • Past Projects