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WordPress Web Design

for a stunning website

WordPress is the CMS of choice for web design, powering nearly 1/3 of the Internet

Bring digital marketing to life with WordPress web design

Create powerful websites with WordPress web design

Many organizations turn to WordPress web design for business or personal websites. With it’s easy to use interface, safe and secure admin, and modern coding standards, WordPress is a great fit for most web design projects.

Venn Marketing is an agency with experience in WordPress. No coding is necessary to craft an effective, compelling website as well as create new pages and make edits without the need for ongoing support.

WordPress Web Design Mobile App

WordPress Web Design Services

Responsive Web Design

Give visitors a great experience regardless of the device

More traffic is generated from mobile devices than from desktops. Your site’s web design needs to perform just as well – if not better – on mobile devices than desktops.

Every WordPress web design project includes responsive web design and optimized for viewing on multiple devices including mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Responsive Web Design
Web Design with WordPress Content Management System
Professional Copywriting

Effective copywriting can boost your site’s traffic, lead generation, and overall revenue

Often overlooked or skimped on, copywriting involves more than just words – it’s crafting the messaging as well as unique search engine optimized articles that enhance your authority as a subject matter expert.

Professional copywriting offers the value of an experienced writer that can simplify complex concepts into effective messaging for your WordPress web design project.

Some clients prefer to generate copy in-house and have a copywriting team to recommend edits for style or space considerations as needed.

WooCommerce Development

A 24/7 storefront to grow and expand your business

WooCommerce is built on WordPress, the open-source CMS that powers over 25% of the Internet. WooCommerce is regularly audited and inspected by web security experts Sucuri, which means your e-commerce site is safe.

WooCommerce features all the basics for e-commerce, and can be extended with plugins to handle custom payment, shipping, categories, ratings & reviews, products, downloads, and more.

WooCommerce WordPress Web Design
Google Analytics
Google Analytics Integration

Measure and track your website usage and growth with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that can track user data from your WordPress website and compile it into reports.

These data reports can help show how visitors interact with the website, what they respond well to, and how they engage with your site.

Learning how to use Google Analytics can be an extremely effective way to track your WordPress website’s performance. This solution can help you understand your visitors are, and what you need to improve to make your website more successful.

Custom Theme Development

A one-of-a-kind design for your one-of-a-kind brand

Sometimes a pre-built theme won’t cut it.

Venn Marketing offers custom WordPress development services that help you set up a website that is your own unique and custom design. Managing content becomes greatly simplified, and gives your brand the freedom and flexibility to perform exactly as specified.

We offer a rich assortment of development services including the creation of custom themes and templates, search engine optimization of the theme and templates, and all related plugins.

WordPress Custom Theme Development

WordPress Benefits

Easy To Use

With its powerful word-processor like editor, straightforward extendability, and ability to create unlimited pages, posts, or products, there is no wonder why WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS .

Ongoing Security

WordPress and plugin creators publish ongoing updates for security. These updates can be installed on demand, or included in our managed WordPress hosting. Never worry about updates again!

Limitless Design

In the hands of a web design expert, WordPress is a fully customizable CMS and technology platform that can be used to create virtually any kind of website – from a simple company site to a powerful e-commerce store.

Open Plugin Directory

The heart of WordPress is a powerful plugin system to extend its abilities. From free to premium, forms to e-commerce, there is certainly a plugin ready to go – and if there isn’t, Venn Marketing can create custom plugins.

Works On All Devices

At its core WordPress is responsive – mobile-friendly on both the frontend and the admin area. Selecting a theme that is responsive is the the surest way to have a clean, modern responsive WordPress web site.

No Coding Needed

WordPress is designed to be easy to use. From plugins to extend functionality, themes to modify a website’s design, and an easy to use content editor, the only coding needed for is custom WordPress development.

Search Engine Optimization

Great search engine optimization tools are built into WordPress, and with the wide availability of popular SEO plugins can supercharge WordPress and help make search engine optimization for your site a breeze.

Web Standards

Web technology always changes, and your website should adapt. The WordPress core system is open-source and maintained to technical standards ensuring that your website technology is always up to date.

WordPress Web Design Features

Powerful Web Editor

Edit your own website - no coding expertise needed

As a premier content management system, WordPress enables website owners the power to change and control your website content. A powerful content editor that mimics a word processor is included. What’s more, you’ll have the ability to preview every page before you publish, to ensure your business always looks professional.

Create new content

Create new pages and products without a developer or IT person

WordPress includes all the tools needed to create brand new pages, posts, categories, and products. Gone are the days where changes must be submitted to a developer or IT department. The WordPress web design platform is so easy to use, anyone in your organization can log into the website administration and make important changes. Any changes to the platform will be posted immediately, or scheduled for any future publish date.

WooCommerce WordPress Web Design

Venn Marketing has WordPress Web Design & SEO experience with companies of all sizes and across a variety of industries

Business to Business

Business to Consumer

Small Business


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Practical Experience

Venn Marketing has over 20 years experience with digital marketing projects just like yours

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From turn-key solutions to a tactical vendor, we consult with clients to provide what they need

What We Do

WordPress web design is just one of many services

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Look your best with web design that complements your brand and makes your organization look professional.

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Bring your website to life with web development technologies including HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript.

FAQ’s About WordPress Web Design

Do I have to be local to you to work together?

Not at all! We’ve worked with clients from all over. In fact, nearly everyone works remotely, which allows us to find the best resources for your project.

Can WordPress run an e-commerce website?

Of course! In addition to being a powerful content management system, WordPress is a fantastic choice for an e-commerce website. This cannot be said for other e-commerce platforms that focus solely on e-commerce and have weak website capabilities.

How secure is WordPress?

Extremely secure. Like all software, WordPress needs routine maintenance and upgrades to ensure that it is secure, and this is where many websites suffer.

This is where our managed WordPress hosting excels – no more worrying about plugin updates, downtime, or out of date WordPress versions. Plus, you get a monthly summary of all updates.

Isn't WordPress just for blogging?

It’s true that WordPress got its start as blogging software, but it’s grown and expanded to power over 36% of the Internet’s websites. Many popular brands and companies use WordPress web design.

How much does a WordPress website cost?

WordPress web design is based on the website’s requested features including the total pages needed, interactive modules and plugins, look and feel, and more. It is typically a fixed quote and all-inclusive of all charges.

A simple one page website can be as little as $500, while most typical business websites land in the $3000 – $10,000 range, or more depending on complexity. Venn Marketing is happy to provide a free project consultation to get a quote, and we offer flexible payment terms.

When do I pay for my WordPress web design project?

We understand that this can be an investment, and we help our clients budget for the expense in whatever way possible. Most projects fall into a down payment and milestone-based payment plan:

  • a down payment to secure the project
  • milestones (one or multiple) during development
  • final payment when website is complete

Can I track my WordPress web site usage?

Yes. All of our WordPress web sites come with Google Analytics tracking as an included bonus. Google Analytics tracks your most popular pages, how visitors get to your website, and much, much more.

Do you only build WordPress websites?

For the most part, yes, though we will consider other options if necessary. WordPress is excellent open-source software that runs more than 30% of the Internet. Its huge market share as a content management system is due to its resources and extendability. We teach our clients how to use WordPress as part of the project.

I don't have any internal marketing team, can you maintain the website for me?

Of course! Venn Marketing offers ongoing WordPress support for many of our clients, in addition to full outsource marketing. Contact us to learn more about any of our services.

We don't have a lot of high-quality photos; what do you suggest?

There are a number of websites that offer attractive and reasonably-priced stock photos that are sure to make your business look professional. Mention this during your free website consultation and we can discuss adding stock photos to your project.